The College Campus is at a stones throw from Keshpur Bazar. It spans across six (6) acres of land. The whole area is surrounded by a lofty wall. Some more acres of land have been purchased recently for the purpose of setting up Students Home (for Girls only). The newly-purchased land is yet to be walled. A spacious grassy lawn stretched almost to the horizon constitutes the front ground of the college. It serves as Play-ground, as the venue for the college fests as well. The ‘L’ patterrned two-storied building houses  thirty (30) rooms which are utilized as –

      • Class room
      • Principal’s room
      • Teachers’ Common room
      • Laboratories
      • Office Room
      • N.S.S. Room
      • Students Union Room (away from the main building)
      • Library Room
      • Reading Room
      • Lecture theatre
      • Stock Room
      • Staff-Room