A vacancy (Junior Research Fellow) is available in the Department of Physics on a Research Project funded by Science and
Faculty of Science



Department of Mathematics

1. Mr. Raju Ghosh, M.Sc., B.Ed. (Astt. Professor & H.O.D)

2. Mr.  Bapan Parya, M.Sc., B.Ed. (Govt. Approved PTT)

3. Ms. Sefali Rani Ghosh, M.Sc.(Visiting Teacher)



Department of Physics

1.       Dr. Rajim Ali Mondal, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Astt. Professor & H.O.D.)

2.    Mr. Nilay Sarkar, M.Sc. (Guest Teacher)

3.    Ms. Swadesh Kundu, M.Sc. (Guest Teacher)

Department of Chemistry

1.   Ms. Monimala Ghosh, M.Sc., (Guest Teacher)

2.    Mr. Animesh Pramanik, M.Sc., (Guest Teacher)

3.    Mr. Robin Dhara, M.Sc., (Guest Teacher)

Department of Nutrition

1.      Ms. Roshni Chatterjee , M.Sc . (Astt. Professor)

2.    Ms. Mandira Dinda (Guest Teacher)

Department of Zoology

1.      Dr. Suman Pratihar, M.Sc., Ph.D., (Astt. Professor & H.O.D.)

Department of Physiology

1.      Dr. Dipak Kumar Bhuniya , M.Sc, B.Ed. Ph.D. (Principal)

2.     Full-time Vacant. (1 post)

3.    Ms. Nowsinara Banu ,M.Sc., (Guest Teacher)


Department of Botany

1.      Full-time Vacant (1 post)

2.    Ms. Priyanka Jana, M.Sc., (Guest Teacher)